Arctic Steel manufactures two styles of strainers:

Bottom-Inlet, Side-Outlet (BISO)
Side-Inlet, Side-Outlet (SISO)

BISO strainers are designed for installation directly onto a ball valve or flanged butterfly valve attached to the hull skin fitting or thru hull inlet. These provide a self-cleaning function for large debris drawn into the basket – when engine suction is turned off larger particles will fall through the inlet.

These models can also be mounted remotely away from the inlet with the use of mounting brackets and hose tail connections.

SISO strainers are base mounted and are secured by fixing the four integrated feet to a mounting pad. These models offer an outlet positioned low, ensuring a head of water is maintained if air is drawn into the system. For this reason the capacity of these models are generally larger than their counterparts in the BISO range.

Both models are suitable for main engines, generators, air conditioning units, hydraulic units and other systems that require seawater for cooling. The choice of model will largely depend on your vessel configuration and the location of the thru hull that may allow occasional air to be drawn into the system as a result of speed or turbulence.

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