Arctic Steel recommends the use of a thread sealant on all fittings.

Thread sealants should always be used on marine fittings, especially if they are located in your engine room and below or close to your waterline.

When adjusting and tightening stainless steel threaded fittings they can sometimes ‘grab’, which is called galling. Once a stainless thread has galled it can be very difficult to adjust or undo. A thread lubricant or anti-seize product will prevent this, but will not necessarily seal your fitting. If an anti seize lubricant is used we recommend a heavy-duty thread tape be used in conjunction to provide a seal.

Unasco manufacture a stainless steel tape that is full density and impregnated with nickel. This is excellent for sealing stainless steel fittings. You can also use a pink heavy-duty full density industrial tape or the gold full density thread sealing tape. (Do not use the white lightweight tape)

Tefgel is a great product that has good ant seize and corrosion eliminating properties. This should be used in conjunction with the above thread tapes.

Another sealing product our customers use successfully is Loxeal, which can also be used in combination with one of the above thread tapes. Beware of the cure time when adjusting fittings for alignment.

There are several Loctite products that can be used for sealing stainless steel fittings, however beware of the cure time when adjusting fittings for alignment.

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