YES! All Arctic Steel strainers should be connected to the anode system to prevent galvanic corrosion.

All of the metal fittings below the waterline should be bonded. What is bonding? A wire is attached to all metal fittings that are in contact with the water and this wire is also attached to a common grounding point on the boat. This puts all metal fittings at the same electrical potential, zero, so no current will flow through the water from one fitting to another. Rather it will flow through the wire to the anode system.

All Arctic Steel strainers are cast with an anode connection point for this purpose. Failure to connect to your anode system can lead to galvanic corrosion to either the strainer or surrounding equipment, and may void your warranty.

Please note that it is vitally important when your Arctic Steel water strainer is used with an air conditioning compressor to connect to your anode system. The continuous running of compressors can lead to aggressive corrosion.